Meeting Clarissa

Meeting Clarissa

We’re not exactly first timers when it comes to coloring our hair. For years, we’ve put our locks through bleaching, dyeing, highlighting, chalking, and just about everything under the sun. At Stacy’s Style Zone, we make sure the products we use are genuine and bent towards hair care …thus, giving the ladies who want to color their hair a chemical-damage free experience.

Meeting Clarissa was one big party, She was keen to enquire about our products, color options we had and what other quality services we offer besides hair coloring… she was fun to talk to and Yes!! chatty girls do make time fly soon *winks*. Traveling all the way from Mira Road to Marine Lines we admire her commitment-cum- curiosity of selecting what is right for her hair.

We would also like to thank her for her wonderful review the posted for us  on Facebook – https://goo.gl/w8JTTK

We look forward to meeting more of you wonderful people soon..
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